Linx Accessories

To complement LINX is a range of components and hardware to help you seamlessly integrate optional accessories and your LINX display in vehicle.

Vehicle Specific Mounts

Designed to suit a large range of popular 4WDs, the optional LINX A-Pilar mounts position the LINX mobile display conveniently and unobtrusively within reach of the driver, providing an unobstructed view of the road.

Alternatively, each LINX comes with a universal LINX gimbal mount, allowing the display to be orientated to the desired position and set so that each time the display is returned to the vehicle it’s always in the optimal position.

LINX Pressure Control Kit

Offering ‘set & forget’ simplicity to tyre inflation as well as remote control over your airbag suspension, the optional LINX Pressure Control Kit (coupled with an ARB air compressor) allows you to take full advantage of LINX’s Pressure Control Module. Perfect for the easy and accurate adjustment of tyre pressures, or controlling a set of air bags, the wireless LINX’s mobile display means you can be in control from either within or out of the vehicle at up to 10m away.

The LINX Pressure Control Kit contains:

  • 1 x Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV)
  • 1 x Transducer
  • 2 x Wiring Looms

Part no: 7450107

LINX Air Bag Isolation Kit

Adding an Air Bag Isolation Kit allows owners with air suspension to take full advantage of LINX’s Air Suspension Module providing the ability to independently adjust the pressure and ride height in each air bag. Perfect for when loads are added to a vehicle unevenly, levelling the vehicle from side to side (left to right) becomes a simple on-display adjustment.

Each Air Bag Isolation Kit contains:

  • 2 x Solenoids
  • 1 x Wiring Loom

Part no: 7450109

Compatible ARB Accessories

ARB have a range of accessories that can now be controlled & monitored by LINX. Declutter the dash and have a single point of control.

LED Driving Lights

Daylight on demand; ARB offers a huge range of purpose designed off road LED, HID and Halogen driving lights and light bars. Now controllable via your LINX with options to switch on or off by user input, and/or automatically with ignition, high beam headlamps, low beam headlamps or reversing lamps.

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Air Lockers

ARB Air Lockers are one of the industries most tried, tested and trusted differential lock solutions. Operated with an on-board air compressor, at the flick of switch and up to 100km/hr ARB Air Lockers are now controllable directly from your LINX alleviating any need to install additional switches into your dash.

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Air Compressors

ARB Air Compressors come in a range of shapes and sizes fit for multiple purposes. With the latest release of LINX and the optional Pressure Control Kit, ARB Air Compressors have never been more versatile; from airing up and down your tyres to a set pressure, controlling your air suspension system or blowing out the dust from your air filter at the end of a dusty track.

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Dual Battery Systems

With LINX’s included battery monitor module you can now monitor up to three batteries, each customisable by name with independent alarms for low voltage warnings. ARB offers a range of battery and powers solutions including battery trays for most popular 4×4 vehicles as well as REDARC battery management and charging solutions.

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ARB ZERO Fridge Freezers

The ARB ZERO comes in four sizes including two dual zone models. The 44L and 60L will keep food fresh and drinks cold. The 69L and 96L are well-sized for your camper trailer and feature the dual zone function so you can have frozen and fresh food for your entire trip.
LINX allows the user to monitor operating status, battery input voltage, set fridge display brightness, and adjust the fridge temperature of both zones (in dual zone models), all from the cabin.

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ARB Classic Series II
Fridge Freezer

The ARB Classic Series II Fridge/Freezer range keeps your food fresh and your drinks cold no matter where you are and includes an advanced electronic control system now with complete control via the LINX module.
LINX allows the user to monitor operating status, battery input voltage, set fridge display brightness, and adjust the fridge temperature, all from the cabin.

Discover ARB Classic Series II Fridge Freezer
ARB Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Available as either an external or internal sensor setup, the ARB Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) offers two separate modes activated at the touch of a button to accommodate both on road and off road use, the ability to monitor up to 9 tyres with the additional trailer repeater system, as well as monitor tyre pressure alarms independent to each axle.

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