Is my Linx Upgradeable?
Yes, it most certainly is. Preloaded with 6 module applications, LINX is a user upgradeable platform developed with continued expansion in mind. With dozens of other modules either planned or currently under development, LINX owners can further enhance their vehicle with additional accessories and enjoy the benefits of LINX integration.
How do I mount the Mobile Display Screen in my vehicle?
There are multiple options for mounting your LINX. Your LINX is provided with a LINX gimble mount which you can install in a location suitable to your preference. Alternately an optional LINX vehicle specific A-Pillar mount is available for purchase for many popular models.
Can I colour match the display to my instrument cluster?
To complete the integrated look, the LINX mobile display theme colour, brightness & contrast can be user adjusted to match your vehicle instrument cluster with auto night mode dimming the display to your pre-set level when headlamps are switched on.
Can I utilise the standard Android features of the display?
The LINX Mobile Display Screen’s primary function is to offer a seamless connection between the driver, LINX Controller and a range of vehicle mounted 4WD accessories. Being an Android device with 3G compatibility, it can perform many secondary functions such as media streaming, Android security functions and GPS navigation. Users should note that the introduction of additional applications to the LINX Mobile Display Screen may impact the device’s performance in controlling linked accessories.
Can I download the LINX software onto another phone or screen?
No. The LINX software was designed to run on a dedicated mobile display unit to ensure the highest level of ongoing support and performance with future LINX programs.
Is there an audible warning when the alarm is triggered?
No. At this stage, there is only a visual alert on the display when the alarm is triggered.
Does LINX come as a kit?
Yes. LINX is supplied as a standard kit (including: Controller, Display, Gimbal Mount, Wiring Loom, USB Cable and Mounting Rail). Optional accessories are also available which allow additional functions to be utilised on the LINX system.
Can LINX be used to control a trailer air bag system?
Yes. Fitted with the Pressure Control Kit (plus optional isolation kit), the air bag module can be used to control a trailer air bag system.
In the latest LINX update, what has changed?
The Firmware 1.1 update included a Pressure Control Dropdown feature and GPS speedometer enhancements.
Would you advise using the switchboard for winching in/out functions?
Although it is possible, we would advise against using the switchboard for winching functions due to potential safety risks.
Is LINX waterproof?
No. Both the Controller and Display are not waterproof and because of this, the Controller should be mounted within the cabin of the vehicle.
Can I run traditional Air Locker switches in line with LINX to operate via either output?
Yes. There is a setting within the Air Locker module which allows the physical switch to override the LINX system.
Can I download and run other apps to my LINX device (such as Google Maps)?
Yes. In fact, Google Maps is already pre-installed on LINX, and while we don't recommend overloading the device with 3rd party apps, other apps can be downloaded.
What is the battery life of the LINX Display?
The LINX Display's battery life will vary, depending on usage and conditions. Used wisely, it is expected to last approximately 8 hours from full charge.
How long would it take the system to deflate a tyre from 30psi to 18psi?
Depending on the tyre size, conditions, etc - deflation times will vary.
If one of the connections to LINX isn't working, will a notification alert the user?
Yes. The LINX system has specific fault code notifications should an error occur.
If my LINX Display breaks, are replacements available for purchase?
Yes. The Display is available for purchase should a replacement be required.