Fitting - What's involved?

Depending on the vehicle model, the fitting process can take a few hours and is best performed by a trained ARB Technician.

Connecting your 12 V accessories such as compressor, Air Lockers and driving lights will vary depending on whether the accessory was fitted before or after your LINX installation. As LINX is customisable to your vehicle, contact your local ARB distributor for a quote and to discuss your individual requirements.

The initial set up of LINX involves the following:

  • Mounting of the controller (varies by vehicle)
  • Connecting the 4 input wires (from ignition, high beam headlamp, low beam headlamp and reverse lamp) to the controller
  • Connecting the power loom to the controller
  • Fit the mobile display screen with gimbal and optional vehicle specific mount bracket
  • Connecting the USB cable (hidden) from the controller to the mobile display screen
  • Checking and downloading any available models or latest software


Please note, vehicle specific A-Pillar mounts are sold separately from your authorised ARB store or stockist.

Fitting & Installation Guides

To download or view the LINX Fitting and Installation guides, visit the manuals page.