Can I colour match the display to my instrument cluster?
To complete the integrated look, the LINX mobile display theme colour, brightness & contrast can be user adjusted to match your vehicle instrument cluster with auto night mode dimming the display to your pre-set level when headlamps are switched on.
Is there an audible warning when the alarm is triggered?
No. At this stage, there is only a visual alert on the display when the alarm is triggered.
Can LINX be used to control a trailer air bag system?
Yes. Fitted with the Pressure Control Kit (plus optional isolation kit), the air bag module can be used to control a trailer air bag system.
Would you advise using the switchboard for winching in/out functions?
Although it is possible, we would advise against using the switchboard for winching functions due to potential safety risks.
How long would it take the system to deflate a tyre from 30psi to 18psi?
Depending on the tyre size, conditions, etc - deflation times will vary.