How do I update my LINX software?
Detailed instructions on how to update your LINX device can be found on page 16 of the LINX Operation Guide. You can download a copy here or view online.
In the latest LINX update, what has changed?
UPDATE 1.6 | Released 17/03/2020

This LINX software update adds the highly anticipated Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) module. New features include:
  • Via a Bluetooth comms box (sold separately)and ARB TPMS tyre sensors, wirelessly monitor your vehicle and trailer’s tyre pressure and temperature on your LINX display.
  • Configure and set up to 4 specific modes of your choice, including custom naming and the desired tyre pressure for all tyres within the specific mode.
  • Quickly and easily learn, change or delete the sensor for each wheel if you’re changing tyres or swapping a wheel more! Find out more details about the TPMS module here.

UPDATE 1.5 | Released 02/03/2020

Adding optimisation and usability upgrades to some of the existing modules, including:
  • Consumption optimisation and a new State of Charge Monitoring Graph to the 'Battery' module.
  • Additional logic added to the 'Air Suspension Control' module to prevent automatic adjustment on uneven ground or while moving.
  • Audible alerts added to the 'Pressure Control' module to indicate when the set air pressure has been reached.
  • Compressor-related system code messages now appear when an error occurs and provides further information and advice to rectify.
  • New version release notes have been added to the 'information' section of the main menu to highlight the newest features and content of the latest software update.
  • Integration with the ARB ZERO fridge freezer.
  • In the 'Traction' module, users can now view both front and rear traction buttons in the same module, freeing up the second module in split-screen mode.
  • An additional switchboard layout including customisable icons featuring the most common 4WD accessories.

UPDATE 1.4 | Released 01/04/2019

Users are offered a range of additional features included in the ARB Fridge Monitor module.

UPDATE 1.3 | Released 09/08/2018

Two additional modules (Inclinometer and Clock) have been added

UPDATE 1.2 | Released 26/04/2018

Featuring a number of function enhancement and updates, including:
  • Momentary contact switching feature on 'Switchboard' module
  • Divert control to manual Air Locker dash switches without screen access
  • Various performance enhancements
  • GPS Speedometer Module enhancements
  • Additional language options added, including Spanish and Arabic

UPDATE 1.1 | Released 19/02/2018

Adds a Pressure Control dropdown feature, as well as general software functionality updates.
My LINX is displaying a ‘failed to check for updates’ message, what do I do?
For a small number of new users and users who haven’t previously updated their LINX you might need to manually update your LINX. From the web browser on your LINX display unit, visit and click on the ‘download’ (down arrow) in the top right corner of the website.
Is my Linx Upgradeable?
Yes, it most certainly is. Preloaded with 6 module applications, LINX is a user upgradeable platform developed with continued expansion in mind. With dozens of other modules either planned or currently under development, LINX owners can further enhance their vehicle with additional accessories and enjoy the benefits of LINX integration.
Can I utilise the standard Android features of the display?
The LINX Mobile Display Screen’s primary function is to offer a seamless connection between the driver, LINX Controller and a range of vehicle mounted 4WD accessories. Being an Android device with 3G compatibility, it can perform many secondary functions such as media streaming, Android security functions and GPS navigation. Users should note that the introduction of additional applications to the LINX Mobile Display Screen may impact the device’s performance in controlling linked accessories.
Can I download the LINX software onto another phone or screen?
No. The LINX software was designed to run on a dedicated mobile display unit to ensure the highest level of ongoing support and performance with future LINX programs.
Can I download and run other apps to my LINX device (such as Google Maps)?
Yes. In fact, Google Maps is already pre-installed on LINX, and while we don't recommend overloading the device with 3rd party apps, other apps can be downloaded.