Hardware & Mounting

How do I mount the Mobile Display Screen in my vehicle?
There are multiple options for mounting your LINX. Your LINX is provided with a LINX gimbal mount which you can install in a location suitable to your preference. Alternately an optional LINX vehicle specific A-Pillar mount is available for purchase for many popular models.
Does LINX come as a kit?
Yes. LINX is supplied as a standard kit (including: Controller, Display, Gimbal Mount, Wiring Loom, USB Cable and Mounting Rail). Optional accessories are also available which allow additional functions to be utilised on the LINX system.
Is LINX waterproof?
No. Both the Controller and Display are not waterproof and because of this, the Controller should be mounted within the cabin of the vehicle.
What is the battery life of the LINX Display?
The LINX Display's battery life will vary, depending on usage and conditions. Used wisely, it is expected to last approximately 8 hours from full charge.
If my LINX Display breaks, are replacements available for purchase?
Yes. The Display is available for purchase should a replacement be required.
If I replace the display, will i lose my customised settings?
No, your customised settings won't be lost. All program settings are stored on the Controller and therefore, will be automatically restored when the new Display is paired.
If I lose or damage the Display, can I still use my accessories?
Yes, you can still use your accessories. All program settings are stored on the controller and therefore, any switchboard automated settings will still continue to function (i.e. spotlights on with high beam). Any air operated accessories (i.e. air locker and air suspension) automatically activates the compressor without the need for switches. However, for Air Lockers to operate without the Display, original Air Locker switches will need to be fitted as a backup.